Memos: Mail: Me

This week, The Postie may have aided and abetted my ever-growing collection
 as well as allowing me to add to my collection of London-themed
reference books.  The Secret London book was recommended to me
by a neighbour who thought The Boy Child might enjoy exploring some
of the more obscure places listed.
 I have a few places already earmarked for visiting during the Easter holidays.
As for the weekend, on Saturday we went up to Little Venice for a stroll
along the Regent’s Canal and lunch in a very picturesque pub.   

 We’re fortunate that the overground train takes a mere 6 minutes
to reach Paddington station, and Little Venice can then be reached on foot within 5 minutes. 
Sunday was Mothering Sunday here in the UK, and apart from receiving a sweet card from
The Boy Child, it was a Sunday exactly like any other.
With added blue sky, blossom and vapour trails.

7 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. I like the idea of the secret London book. I wonder if they do other cities. I used to like Little Venice when I lived in London. Haven't been there in years.


  2. What a lovely Sunday for you. Nice stripy top, it says spring/summer to me. Secret London does sound like an excellent reference book to have on hand – oh the adventures to be had! Happy week ahead.


  3. Now you know how much I love a stripey top..

    I like the sound of that book: what a clever thought your neighbour had, because now we'll get to share whatever you discover. Fingers crossed.


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