Turns Out You’re Never Too Old

Call it vanity.
Call it what you will.
After years of disliking my smile,
I’ve done something about it.
Yesterday, and somewhat apprehensively, I went ahead
with a fitting for upper and lower fixed appliances.
Meaning, by the time I reach a significant birthday in May next year,
I will hopefully have the smile I’ve longed dreamed of.    

6 thoughts on “Turns Out You’re Never Too Old

  1. As your friend, seeing your smile has always been a pleasure ..so if this means that it's going to be a pleasure for you too, then bravo!


  2. Yeah for you – what a marvelous pre-birthday gift for yourself. Like Sian, I have always thought (via photos) you have a lovely smile, but if you feel better about it, you go girl!


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