IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

Earlier this week, I assembled a shelving unit bought from IKEA.
It’s the first ever self-assemble piece of furniture from IKEA that I’ve ever owned.
I feel like a grown-up … or not.
 I bought it to replace an old bookcase which stood in our hall.
And failed.
Now I have a home for books, photo frames, Harry Potter CDs,
a memento from Bermuda and, perhaps most importantly.
sixteen (yep, 16) 12×12 scrapbooks.
I call that a win.  

4 thoughts on “IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

  1. Lovely!

    Putting flat packs together is a bit of a hobby here. I think he likes putting them together more than finding somewhere to put them once they're done, though.


  2. I remember being very chuffed when I put together a high-up bed for my DD, so I can appreciate the sense of satisfaction. Yours is much prettier, though :).


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