4 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

What sort of advice would you give your younger self?

1: You will recover from a broken heart.  I know that it doesn’t seem like it at the time, but trust me on this.  One day, you’ll realise that you can mention their name without feeling you’re suffocating from grief.  One day, you’ll realise that you got though a whole day without consciously thinking about them at all.  One day, you’ll realise that you’re not over that broken heart, you just got better at living with it.
2. Nurture friendships.  That best friend you have at 21?  She’ll be a bridesmaid at your wedding. You’ll be Godmother to her daughter.  She’ll be Godmother to your son.  She knows you, inside and out.  She gets you.  But good friendships only last because both sides work at them.  Otherwise that person simply becomes someone you used to know.
3. If you want to leave your job/change career, you can.  I know that seems a silly statement given that you are only just starting out on your career path and you love what you do.  But things change, and it won’t always be the case.  It’s okay to take control and say one day, “I want more than this”, even if you don’t know what that more actually is.  You may never decide what that more is, but no matter, because you’ll always be employed in jobs and places you enjoy.  Mostly.  IBM notwithstanding.
4. Keep driving. It’s something that you take for granted.  Something you don’t spend much time thinking about.  You’re a good driver and driving gives you independence.  You won’t believe that once into your 40s, you’ll drive less and less.  Be brave and keep being the one in the driving seat. You won’t regret it.

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6 thoughts on “4 Things I’d Tell My Younger Self

  1. Ah, broken hearts and best friends. I know a lot of people find it strange, but the boy who broke my heart is one of my best friends, 20 odd years down the line. This post really resonated with me today. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!


  2. when I grow up I am going to be taller. advice to a younger me would have fallen on deaf ears. I knew everything there was to know when I was 18 and that got me into a world of grief but I couldn't back down………. nope I simply would not have listened, not even to myself


  3. Very wise advice. I think the piece about “just got better at living with it” is the truth, time does not heal all wounds.

    I need to ponder on this because I think my younger self could also give me some advice (col). Now over to Jaime & Cup of Jo to check out their advice.


  4. There's some very wise stuff in here. I am telling my younger self (oh, no, wait..she's her own person, right?) to keep driving because I agree wholeheartedly with this one!


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