Memos: Mail: Me

The Postie may have bought me the sweater I admired 
in a store last weekend.
But I couldn’t possibly comment …
 As for the weekend, we walked along the river from
Chelsea to Pimlico in glorious sunshine.
 Once in Pimlico, we enjoyed half an hour in Tate Britain. 
Where we had fun playing the
As you do.

7 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. I saw your picture of Pimlico on Instagram . If I was given a picture quiz and asked to say where it was I would never have put London. Great photo though and a nice jumper that has somehow slipped through your letter box.


  2. Nice jumper & jaunty scarf. I did not recognize the river walk as any part of London! I laughed out loud about renaming paintings, we have not done that, but we often turn the volume down on movies (TV) & plug in our own dialogue …


  3. Ooh…you know me and a nice stripe..It's fab!

    I've loved your pictures all week on IG. You always spot the quintessential view which manages to sum up a nice spot completely.


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