Tuesday in Three

1. I was looking through my nephew’s scrapbook yesterday
and realised that the most current entry was from March last year.
So I did what any self-respecting auntie would do …
and nicked an image from my sister’s Facebook page.
2. I have, it seems, become a stepsessive
Someone who obsessively looks at their daily step count
and then talks about it. 
According to the Sunday Times, I’m in the category of ‘new social bore’.
3. It would also appear that I’m not too old to consider orthodontic work.
The cost would be the deciding factor.
How is your Tuesday looking?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday in Three

  1. I like that new term, stepsessive … at the rate that FitBits are sold it seems that most of the world's population have become minders of steps, umm I guess that's why we now have a term for it. You! boring? Never!

    Fantastic photo of sister & nephew …


  2. My Pilates instructor can make his fitbit record steps just by waving his arms about…have you discovered this trick??

    Tuesday is good here, thanks. Just been out for lunch with a friend.


  3. A friend of mine got a new job as a dental receptionist and one of the perks of the job was subsidised cosmetic dental work so she chose to have her teeth straightened by that method. The results are fantastic, I know she'd recommend it.


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