Memos: Mail: Me

I was beginning to think I’d have nothing to report for this week’s Memos: Mail: Me slot.
Happy Mail was looking decidedly thin on the ground.
And a girl can only stalk the Postie for so long …
But then on Friday morning, the Postie brought me two parcels of happiness;
a guide book for a planned visit to Venice later this year
and a scrapbook {reduced in the sale at the Store of Utter Gorgeousness}
to record said visit to Venice.
Mind you, the scrapbook is much larger than I’d envisaged, 
so I perhaps I’ll be able to use it for more then one jaunt requiring a passport this year.  
And the weekend?
Spent mostly outside, well rugged up
and enjoying the cold but bright weather.

5 thoughts on “Memos: Mail: Me

  1. You lucky thing! Venice is on my wish list. You really deserve something nice to look forward to, so I hope you get to spend a few hours dreaming with your guidebook this week.


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