Memorandum Monday | Memos: Mail: Me {and a Winner}

Sian is ringing the changes for Memorandum Monday this year
and inviting contributors to mention their favourite piece 
of Happy Mail received during the previous week.
Happy Mail?  Something that’s right up my street. 
I make a note of how much Happy Mail I send out,
but have never given much blog space to things I’ve received via Royal Mail.
Last week was a good place to start,
because I took delivery of two gorgeous
With the specific intention of using one to house my collection of
ready-to-send  Happy Mail.
Serendipity, you might say.
And on the subject of Happy Mail,
the winner of Snipped Tales is Melissa.
Drop me a line with your address and it’ll soon be on its way to you.

8 thoughts on “Memorandum Monday | Memos: Mail: Me {and a Winner}

  1. Melissa is going to love that book! I have a copy too, and love opening it at a random page to see what tale is there. Such a clever idea.
    What a beautiful basket, perfect for happy mail storage!


  2. How exciting to see that I've won Snipped Tales – thank you so much!!! I'll email my address. 🙂

    What a cute basket – perfect for holding mail ready to send.


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