December Daily | Days 18th-20th

The 18th was an entry about how we give back over the Christmas season.
We donated foodstuffs to the Food Bank collection in our local supermarket.
We donated cash to Crisis at Christmas and the shelter where our BiL is a trustee.

Oh, and let’s not forget the winter coats we donated to the homeless shelter.
The 19th was simply a photo showing how Elvis the Elf has mistimed his landing 

when returning from his overnight visit to Santa.

I fill a tracing paper envelope with confetti and then added the date, a star
and 6×4 sentiment card to one side.
A photo of Elvis went on the other side.    

The 20th was about how difficult I find it to keep Poinsettias alive. 

Anyone else find them decidedly tricky?

6 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 18th-20th

  1. Poor Elf! But what a nice way to have your mishap documented :). Poinsettas? I wouldn't buy one now, having had years of disasters with them when I was younger – the leaves always fall off mine. Too tricky! I'll be popping back in case another commentator can shed some light. But yours looks lovely in this photo …


  2. My son's partner started helping out at a homeless shelter through December, such a good idea I think I will try and do more next Christmas. This is the first Christmas I didn't buy a poinsettia.


  3. I haven't had a Poinsettia in the house for years because of the fur girls & other kitties, so yes keeping one from being chewed to ruin has/had been a challenge. Maybe poor Elvis could ask for some GPS system for next year (cute page & idea).


  4. Mr M once said that my special power is to kill all houseplants – not bad for someone who worked in a garden centre/nursery and spent her working days caring for plants. I just teach them to go without water and they die


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