Is It Really Just Me?

Living in London can mean that a person becomes immured 
to everyday rudeness and unpleasantness.
Most of us at some point will encounter Mr. or Ms. Rude when travelling on the Tube.
It’s pretty much a given.

Last week, however, I encountered Ms. Rude on the school run.

I won’t bore you with the details of what exactly transpired between us,
but suffice to say, within 20 seconds I had been called a cow 
and a rude middle-aged woman.
{Let me tell you, I was more offended by being called middle-aged …}  
She, by the way, was probably in her early twenties 
and had no compulsion in insulting me in front of The Boy Child,
who was left wide-eyed and clinging to my hand.
She failed to see the irony of me pointing out that she was the one using unpleasant language. 
When he’d recovered, The Boy Child gallantly offered to call the police
and have her arrested.
  If only.
The reason for telling you this story is because I’m left wondering 
what’s happened to every day good manners and politeness?
I can be direct, but I never deliberately set out to be rude.
I hold doors open for people.
I give up my seat to anyone who looks more in need.  
I say please and thank you.
People tell me that I’m old-fashioned.
Like that’s a bad thing.
But it can’t just be me, can it?
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8 thoughts on “Is It Really Just Me?

  1. If you are old-fashioned, then please carry on. I try to be pleasant at all times, but there are always people out there who don't or won't. Just ignore it and move on, she obviously has her own (sad) story. Well done BC for sticking up for you, I hope he doesn't suffer any long term problems over the incident. Hugs xx


  2. You are not old fashioned, you are a well brought up, polite human being who cares about other people and doesn't care about being top dog. Ignorance is no excuse for people to be rude. I always tried to shoot them down with a quiet voice and long words. Not because I would win the fight but because they didn't understand whether they had won or lost.
    Now, at 70 years old I feel I can be quietly rude right back, without using swear words until the very end when I tell them to go away and F… themselves. I sometimes think that schools should worry less about academic subjects and a little more about communications and manners……. I'm 70 indulge me LOL


  3. You are not alone, plain old manners have gone by the wayside. Our whole country seems to have forgotten to treat others like we would want to be treated. How wonderful that the Boy Child was protective of you like that.


  4. Oh Ruth I am sorry that you & TBC had to have this encounter. Bravo to TBC which is testament to you. Like you I have been called (in an insulting way), old fashion. Being direct is certainly different from rude. Of course there are lots of symptoms, rudeness & meanness being just a couple, of what is wrong with the world. We live in a time of the reality shows where yelling, screaming, swearing & belittling people is called entertainment, where we want to take life advice from a woman who's only claim to fame is a self released (oops) sex tape. I will get off the soap box now & say no more, other than I apologize for this woman on behalf of society.


  5. I'm sorry you had to experience that! I like to think that when she reaches middle age she will somehow be reminded of this encounter and think ..I can't believe I said that..


  6. I am a great believer in good manners but it's not just the young who forget them. This morning I was patiently waiting to overtake two people in this supermarket who had stopped to look at a shelf. They were most apologetic although they had every reason to stop. Meanwhile two senior citizens barged and overtook in the “fast lane ” without a hint of remorse. They were on a mission!


  7. No its definately not just you – it just seems people dont give a hoot about others anymore its just all about them – like drivers – its like yes there are these rules but they dont apply to me grrrr… I could go on & on lol but I wont 🙂


  8. What an awful experience, and how sweet the TBC was so supportive to you. No it is not just you, unfortunately there are some nasty, bitter people out there and it's horrible that you had the misfortune to come across one that morning.


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