Craft Room Revamp Complete

The remnants of Storm Angus was doing its thing
outside the window as these photos were taken yesterday afternoon.
Generally, as a rule, I love living in the UK, but on occasion,
such as taking photos indoors in November light,
I quite fancy a spot of, say, Arizona sunshine. 
Know what I’m saying?
The revamp of my craft room is complete.
And I love it!
 I deliberately chose a smaller desk for blogging and scrapbooking,
as it means I have to be tidier in order to be productive.
This desk is, in fact, designed to be a dressing table. 
 This retro sideboard is quite possibly the
 most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever purchased.
There’s two shelves waiting to go up on the wall and I still have
to find a home for a few things, but otherwise, that’s it.
The biggest realisation has been that I may have to scrapbook less,
as I {we} are running out of album storage space.
Which is too terrible to even contemplate. 

10 thoughts on “Craft Room Revamp Complete

  1. Impossible, you can't scrapbook less! No, no, no, no. You could join and free all your books that way the shelves could be adjusted for more albums. I tend to keep the small event albums in our guest room and more than one guest has said how lovely it is to snuggle down in bed and take a peek into our lives before settling to sleep. That makes a lot of room.

    I nearly scared myself shy at the thought of less scrapbooking


  2. Love the rounded lines of your sideboard – a super-useful piece of furniture. The whole space is lovely and calm. Perhaps smaller scrapbooking? Or some photo books?


  3. Fabulous transformation! Love the white. I have a similar problem about storing albums and have given a lot of thought to going digital, but just can't do it. We'll both just have to figure it out! 🙂


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