Snap #30 | Autumn Garden

Helena has a new photographic theme for 2016:
Snap, a visually linked group of 2 to 4 images.
Autumn arrived in London without fanfare this week.
One day we were sweltering in 30C,
the next we were pulling on jumpers and looking for coats.
 ~Leaves belonging to trees the other side of our garden wall ~ 
 ~ Love in the Mist seed pod ~
~ Catmint ~

You can see more Snap images here.

7 thoughts on “Snap #30 | Autumn Garden

  1. Intriguing SNAP collection. I am in the midst of trying to stay positive about the change in the garden, it is a hard one. Unfortunately with the drought this year our maple trees are not getting that spectacular colour change, which use to SO make up for all the brown in the garden.


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