Keeping Track of Summer

While I try to not be too regimented about routine
for The Boy Child during the long Summer holidays,
I do try to give him some sort of structure to the days.

And what works best for me is to see the days 

written out on paper.  I see friends using their smart ‘phones 
to record and plan their movements and realise that I must 
look like a Luddite by comparison.
But I can live with that.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Summer

  1. I still write all my blog posts out on paper, with a pencil, so I'm pretty much the same. Recently I ordered photos straight from my phone, though..I thought that was a big technology leap for me!


  2. It does somehow look much clearer set out like that doesn't it? Looks like you've had an action packed break, with plenty of rest days too, equally essential for a relaxing holiday!


  3. It's fun to have a look at your planner, Ruth, and I love the clever placement of your stars to hide names. ;o) I have used a paper planner for years and love it! There's something about seeing my schedule written out that helps me keep things in order.


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