From the T’internet | Blogs of Note

When I began blogging, I sought out fellow bloggers
who were writing about what I was writing about.
Namely, scrapbooking and photography.
However, as the years have passed, I’ve become a reader of a wide-range of blogs.
Here are two current favourites:
Jaime at angloyankophile, I discovered through her guest post on Shimelle‘s blog.
Apart from living in London, her in the East and me in the West, 
we have don’t have much in common.
Jaime writes a lot about home decor (she and her husband have just bought their first house),     
marvellous food in smart restaurants, living in the capital city 
and travel around the globe.
Find her on Instagram under angloyankophile.   
Ok, But Coffee First blog is run by Katya and covers 
London, coffee and mobile photography.
Her photos of London are always well composed and thought out.  
Katya also has a free course on how to become a 
Find her on Instagram under katya_jackson.
Both ladies are generous with their time, will answers any questions
you may have and respond to comments promptly.
Feel free to share in the comments any new-to-you blogs.

5 thoughts on “From the T’internet | Blogs of Note

  1. I have found so many of my “regular” reads through one or two primary blogs – I like someone's comments so I go check their blog, sometimes I become a regular reader. I also like to see what blogs my favourites are reading … such a great source of connecting. Thanks for your two new ones. The last photo with the window boxes is fantastic & the still life photo is worth trying to recreate.


  2. I do like blog adventures so thank you for the pointers to new directions for exploring! Still life is becoming a real interest of mine, and I am always needing help in learning how,to compose shots better. Off to browse :).


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