Hamilton | Bermuda

Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda
and easily accessible from all over the island by public transport.
The Commercial District is just like anywhere else
and not worth photographing.
However, a 30 minute stroll reveals plenty of areas that are worth photographing.
 As well as housing administrative offices, City Hall is home to
two art galleries and a performance hall. 
 The Cabinet Building is home to Bermuda’s upper house of
Parliament, the Senate.  The Cenotaph is in the grounds.
 The Sessions House and Jubilee Clock Tower is where the 
House of Assembly (the lower house of Parliament) meets
and the Supreme Court convenes.  It was built to commemorate 
the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria.    
 The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is imposing and stands out
amongst Bermuda’s white-topped buildings. 
Work began on the cathedral in 1884 and it wouldn’t look out of place 
in any European city.
 Climbing 155 steps affords a heavenly view (ahem)
across Hamilton and the harbour.

2 thoughts on “Hamilton | Bermuda

  1. I like your perspective photo of The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity with the palm trees. Just imagine printing that church's name on a wedding invitation – it would take an entire line. Ah the varying blues of your heavenly view …

    Hamilton – Such a beautiful city.


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