A Page About Granny

I left space in The Boy Child’s album for a page about Granny.  
The two of them had an extremely close relationship
 and I felt it was important to record the last few times he saw her.
   As I didn’t have many photos from Mum’s time in hospital that featured The Boy Child,
 I opted for a simple grid design,
 which had room for several clusters of embellishments.  

Again, I went back to the design principles learned from Cathy Zielske‘s 
Design Your Life class for inspiration.  I think that this idea works well when
you don’t have that many photos to play with and you want them to make an impact.
It was important to me that The Boy Child should be able to look at this page and not feel upset.
That he could look at this, perhaps with a small smile,
and be confident in his knowledge of Granny’s love for him. 

5 thoughts on “A Page About Granny

  1. I can't tell you how much I like this and how important I think encouraging this kind of remembering is. You are SO doing the right thing. What I would give for pages like this about family members I lost when I was young.


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