Things He Says | The Granny Edition

“I miss Granny … even though it’s been three months.”

6 thoughts on “Things He Says | The Granny Edition

  1. Oh. How nice that he felt he could say it though.

    And – in us smiling at the idea that 3 months should have been enough time – he allows us an insight into how even we, as adults, sometimes expect too much from ourselves too soon. X


  2. I love that he could express his feelings and I agree with Julie too.
    I think the Victorian attitude to mourning was just about right in many ways. The believed that Deep mourning was necessary for at least six months but preferably for a year then you could lighten up a bit but you were still expected to be grieving.
    These days it seems that we are supposed to “move on” as soon as the music stops in the church or the curtains close at the crematorium. I don't think anyone is ready to move on until they have gone through a year and experienced all those anniversaries and birthdays………


  3. Oh he is just so sweet. I agree that , for me, it took a year of every special date to pass before I felt the rawness of grief lessened.


  4. What a lovely photo of your Mum with TBC. I am sure when you look at this photo, you wonder where the time went so quickly & yet when TBC says it has been 3 months – time moves again at another speed of remembrance.


  5. Three months will seem a long time to TBC…and I always say that time is the strangest thing…sometimes it feels as though an event only happened a short while ago and at other times it seems it seems like forever since it happened xx


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