London Through My Lens

With the arrival of Spring in our part of the London suburbs,I have been consciously choosing to take my big camerawith me when I walk the pooch.And to use it.  There is an abundance of magnificent Magnolia trees locally,which, coupled with brilliant blue skies and the white render of period houses make for stunning images. So much of … Continue reading London Through My Lens

Unfinished Business of the Hooky Variety

Mum was crocheting a blanket.I'm not sure of the size of it, because I haven't felt able to take it from its storage bag.   The choice of colours complement each other beautifully There are reminders about stitches and patterns tucked away. Even the bag it's in is lovely.Just look at that scalloped edging.I think it's Mum's work, but … Continue reading Unfinished Business of the Hooky Variety

Taking Time to Live Well

"Make sure you look after you."That's something I've heard a lot since the beginning of the year.It's also something I'm trying to be mindful ofand something that I'm reinforcing sincethe discovery of The Simple Things magazine. Each and every page is a visual delight.With articles that I'll be referencing in the future.With articles that appeal to … Continue reading Taking Time to Live Well

Post Funeral Small Talk

I should perhaps start by saying that this is not intended as a criticism of anyone.Heaven knows, I'm sure I know I've been guilty of saying something crass to someone recently bereaved.Desperate to fill an awkward silence with something.Anything.  And then spending the next twenty minutes wishing that I could quietly disappear. A lot of people attended Mum's … Continue reading Post Funeral Small Talk

Happy Mail and When It’s Anything But

What to call it?  It's not something that can be filed under the generic title of Happy Mail.I'm pretty certain that the recipient will cry when they receive it.You see, Mum asked that we take the time to thank her friendsfor all their years of love, support and friendship.Which is actually easier said than done.I can write … Continue reading Happy Mail and When It’s Anything But