Recording The Tough Times

Scrapbooks should tell the whole story; the good and the bad.
Otherwise, what’s the point?
I’d end up with scrapbooks full of a sanitised version of my life.
It wasn’t easy putting this page together, though.
I went large on the photo and ultra minimal on everything else. 
And somehow, it seems to work.

7 thoughts on “Recording The Tough Times

  1. I was doing Project Life the year my mom was sick and ultimately lost her fight with cancer. It was really tough but also very healing to include that part of our life (and hers) in my PL that year. You're doing a great job, Ruth. Thinking of you, dear friend.


  2. I cried for you, as everyone says that picture is just right. The expressions on the faces tell the story – your mum looks pleased to have you all there. The pain eases while the loss never changes. Sending you an armful of cwtches to share with TBO and TBC.


  3. What a lovely way you have captured this wonderful memory. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is so important to be honest in your documenting. It's a beautiful page Ruth, and you can see the love shining out of your mum's face.


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