London Through My Lens | Chelsea

If money were no object, Chelsea would be in my Top Three
of places in London where I’d like to live.
 As it is now, it’s mostly families who have been there for generations,
bankers spending their bonuses, Premier League footballers or overseas buyers.
All these properties are a stone’s throw from the King’s Road,
and yet the peace and solitude as you walk down these streets is astonishing.
 Of course, you have to surrender any idea of a front garden,
and the rear space is little more than a patio courtyard.
 The blue corner house is quite sweet, but obviously has no room for a bike.
Do you think these three houses were painted that way
especially to look like the Irish flag?
 The house in the middle there is currently for sale at a cool £2,250,000
 There’s no missing this row, is there?
Shame about the bin having to live at the front of the property.
And sometimes, British Racing Green on the front door, potted shrubs
and window boxes are all you need.

5 thoughts on “London Through My Lens | Chelsea

  1. Two and a quarter million? That's crazy! You should see what you would get for that in the area in which I live! Whilst it would be nice to live in such a lovely area of London, I would definitely miss my garden and being able to be in a country park 5 minutes after walking out my front door. So I will save my money (not that I have that much to spend anyway!) and just admire your lovely photos.


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