Memorandum Monday

Monday has rolled around again, and that means it’s time to
join in with the lovely Sian and
 share something that I’ve learnt over the weekend.
It dawned on me this morning, after a very quiet Easter weekend,
that there is no need to over think things or to try and reinvent the wheel.
The Boy Child doesn’t need to be entertained, per se.  
He just requires a plan.
And if that plan should go, erm, as planned,
then all to the good.
If not, there’s always another day.
You can see what Sian discovered over the weekend here

2 thoughts on “Memorandum Monday

  1. It's the no plan at all which makes it hard, isn't it? And learning how to be a little bit flexible if needed is a big thing. Plus, I do like a man in a nice jumper 🙂


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