Hand Made Postcards

I’m still bashing away at the Happy-Mail-that-is-anything-but;
I think the end is in sight.  However, I’ve run out of what I call ‘suitable’ cards,
and was all for popping into the Store of Utter Gorgeousness for a resupply.
When I had a light bulb moment … make my own.
I’m a scrapbooker, not a card maker, so I took the middle ground
and produced a stack of photo postcards. 
The photos are themed London in Spring and I took them last week.
I added a 6×4 journaling card to the reverse of each photo,
 a strip of washi tapeacross the top of the journaling card,
a corner rounder and a vertical line in red ink to separate the 
space between the text and the recipient’s address. 

I’m using up Mum’s supply of stamps; she would approve.

This post also links in with Helena‘s new photographic theme for 2016,
Snap: a visually linked group of 2 to 4 images.

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