Smart Recipes App

The Brainy One likes to tell people that I hate cooking.
I don’t hate cooking at all.
I hate having to decide what to eat for dinner,
particularly when neither The Brainy One nor The Boy Child are
very forthcoming when asked, “What shall we have for supper?” 
 A friend pointed me in the direction of the Smart Recipes app. 
Why was I even surprised that such an app exists?
 The app is easy to use and has a whole range of ideas
 for breakfast, lunch and supper.
I chose Chicken Couscous to start on.
Something not too far away from ingredients we eat regularly,
 as I wanted all three of us to eat the same.
Couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, roast chicken, cranberries, 
seasoning and chilli flakes {for The Brainy One}. 
Three clear plates and a super easy recipe to follow.  
I even felt confident enough to tweak the recipe as I went. 
I recommend this app to anyone who feels that some extra ‘zing’ 
when meal planning wouldn’t go amiss.   

6 thoughts on “Smart Recipes App

  1. It sounds good. I hate deciding what's for dinner too. So much that I'm talking about signing up to one of those recipe/ingredient delivery service things. Next year, though, when it's only the two of us.


  2. And here's yet another who hates that part of the process. Himself and I would be satisfied with something very quick and simple but my Dad expects a two course meal, and won't eat anything that he has already had in the previous week. Feeling your pain …


  3. that deciding moment often has me muttering too. “What shall we have to eat?” I ask. “I don't know” replies Mr M and sometimes youngest Son too.
    On several occasions my mutterings go something like this
    “And would you prefer that I-Don't-Know to be boiled fried or roasted?”
    They usually look at me with that slapped puppy expression to make me feel guilty for giving them stress


  4. Sounds like an app I should look into. I'm like you – I don't hate cooking, in fact I quite like it but it's the deciding with no input from hubby that gets me.


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