Late last year, we were given a month’s free trial to Amazon Prime.
We used it primarily to order Christmas gifts: one click
and the goods arrived within a few hours, postage free.
We did, however, also find the time to browse the Amazon Prime subscription TV channel.
And what a treat that turned out to be … because we discovered Outlander.
The series is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, and I first read them in the late 1990s;
so far the producers have been pretty faithful to the story.
The Brainy One summed up the general plot thus: … “so, she gets into trouble and he has to rescue her … and then she gets him into trouble and she has to rescue him”.
That’s about it, if you discount the time travel …

I’ve just reread all eight books over the last two months and it’s a lot of reading.
A. Lot. Of. Reading.
Book 9 is due in 2017.
So much reading in fact that I am deliberately not reading anything right now.
Jamie Fraser.  Doing it for you?  Or perhaps not?

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