A Diary and a Pen Still Equals a Planner

I love the planners that have popped up 
in the scrapbooking world of late.
But I’m not tempted (well, maybe a little) …
I’ll stick to my diary and a pen.
 For more than twenty years, I have had an annual diary from Smythson.
It’s been a yearly treat to myself.
(Which is no more expensive than some of the planners I’ve seen on t’internet.) 
 I add sticky stars for birthdays and anniversaries
and sticky dots for school holidays.
The diary goes in my handbag and the old ones are kept in a small drawer.
Planners?  Diary and a pen? Electronically?

6 thoughts on “A Diary and a Pen Still Equals a Planner

  1. Planners are all the rage right now judging by the hashtags on IG. I've noticed that people will often have several, which seems to defeat the object. I thought the purpose of them was to have everything in one place? I favour the Moleskine diary which has a page per day and is small enough to throw in my bag.


  2. I am non plussed by the planner craze. Seems like people are spending hours in making them look nice. When do they get time to do the things they've planned?

    I get an academic diary from work each term and other than that I use notebooks and a calendar.


  3. I like a very basic desk calendar & a small wallet one – both have big blanket blocks for each day, nothing fancy, not like my lovely little notebooks that you sent me, which I use for taking down ideas, thoughts & sketches. The planner craze items are really expensive.


  4. I'm with Julie: I'd spend more time decorating than writing in a planner and I just don't have time for that. If I bought a planner at all I'd be using it as an almanac in a Project Life kind of way, retrospectively


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