Blog Review | 2015

366 posts in 2015.
A large drop in recorded followers. Although disappointing, it’s also understandable.
My daily life is a round of sameness.  I think it’s boring.  It doesn’t surprise me that others do too.
232,345 page views in the history of this blog, approximately.
Projects I blogged about throughout the year:
Project Life: Year 5 of documenting the mundane every day. It was also the final year for me, as storage space is now severely limited.
One Little Word: the fifth year of choosing a word and the word for 2015 was give.  Our word for 2016 is here.
Him | The Abridged Version: Four years on and I was able to finally complete this project for The Boy Child.  He loved it.
December Daily: the sixth year of this project and it’s still my favourite.  I still have days 20-25 to complete.
Scrapbook pages.  Plain and simple.
Plans for 2016 are a little different than previous years.
  I’m planning blog breaks here and there, and will no longer be posting at the weekends.
There will be tales of travel,
there will be stories about The Boy Child,
and it’s possible there may be tales of heartbreak.
However this new year turns out,
I hope you’ll join me as I make my way through it.

12 thoughts on “Blog Review | 2015

  1. I think you have earned a rest after a blog post per day for a year! I love the tales of your daily life, and hope that there is far more happiness than heartbreak in the year ahead.


  2. Great self photo. I don't think your posts are boring or routine, I quite enjoy your adventures & point of view on things in general. I can understand the desire to taking a break at the weekends. As we all try to feel our way through life, it is encouraging to hear from someone that is facing life in real time, with real struggles. You're a warrior Ruth. I was wondering how your Chelsea Pensioner is doing, I have not seen a post about him of late.


  3. I like the everyday as well and your blog posts are never mundane. I do think blog following/commenting has dropped off, with the recent rise of Instagram. I don't think it's a reflection of your content at all. Happy New Year to you and yours.


  4. There's nothing mundane about your posts and I do agree with Fiona about Instagram (FB too). I'm glad you're giving yourself a break though…take care of you xx


  5. I don't find your posts mundane at all Ruth. Even though I don't blog (really at all now) I stop by your blog whenever you have a new post and always read (although I'm afraid, not always comment). I'll be reading in 2016, that's for sure! Keep writing, it's fab!


  6. I check in every few days, or every couple weeks and then I catch up. I just don't read daily, but I do read each and every post. I like your mundane! 😉
    Happy New Year!


  7. That is a superb total, of which you can be proud, Ruth. Like others, I enjoy your everyday and will continue to pop in. Having some blog breaks sounds like good self-care. Hoping for lots of good things for you ..


  8. I don't know why everyone thinks blogging is supposed to be a regularly scheduled event – like the evening newscasts. I like to think of it more like news flashes – you don't always know when they are coming, but you are all the more interested to see them when they pop up. I suspect many bloggers who are doing it for personal and not professional reasons experience ebbs and flows. Let's all just embrace that – and keep the news flashes coming if and when you want to issue them. We'll be reading.


  9. I've only just seen this post as I wasn't online on the 1st. I always read your posts and am amazed that you find interesting things to write about every day. I've found that my blogging has slowed right down in the last few years but that's OK. It's my blog. Susanne is right. Little snippets every now and again are just as interesting.
    Love you xxx


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