One Little Word | 2016

11 thoughts on “One Little Word | 2016

  1. Lucky you that a Word has found you already – I am still awaiting for a Word. Fortitude is a great word but I do hope your 2016 has few difficult or adverse things for you to stretch out on this word – wishing you only the best for 2016!


  2. What a great word, Ruth – and your lettering already has a feeling of solidity and strength. Hoping you find it a great support and comfort in any challenges ahead.


  3. My first reaction is that you already show lots of that…but as ever you are being realistic and realising that life will likely have more challenges yet to come…hugs my friend xx


  4. Absolutely the perfect word. Wishing you and yours much of it (though as Alison says you have already shown that you have a considerable store of your own!) x


  5. I am hoping that you will not need to draw on this word too much in 2016! You may not realise it, but to an outsider you seem to have fortitude and resilience in bucket loads so I hope you find it not too difficult to incorporate into your life this year.
    It's been lovely following your blog again this year and I'm looking forward to more 'Street Life' in 2016 x


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