Photo Books

Now that Santa has delivered the gifts, 
I can share the photo books I made for The Boy Child
to give to Granny and his Godparents.
 I chose a size of 24×20 cms, with twenty pages and a soft cover. 
 I used Blurb and found their templates extremely easy to follow.
 I simply copied and pasted from the Things He Says section on the blog,
and dropped in the photos.  I ended up with two complete volumes.
I originally ordered one copy of each as the test copies (and received a 25% discount).  
After correcting my typos, which was very easy to do, I then ordered six copies of each (and received a whopping 50% discount).  The price per book came in at under £10, including the shipping. 
I wrapped them, The Boy Child wrote on the tags,
I popped each parcel into a jiffy bag and sent them off via Royal Mail.
Easy peasy.
(I used Blurb, but there are plenty of other online providers available.)

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