Christmas in the West End

We made our annual Christmas visit to Covent Garden
and Trafalgar Square earlier today.
We go simply to see the decorations 
and the Nation’s Christmas tree
(which is a gift from the people of Norway).
In the Piazza at Covent Garden, there was a train made from Lego,
 which The Boy Child was particularly taken with,
and we were impressed that it actually produced a head of steam. 
 There was also a large silver reindeer which, although lovely to look at close up,
 didn’t really benefit from the overcast weather. 
 Inside the covered area were large glitter balls and branches
of mistletoe, which I suspect look much better on a brighter day
or after darkness has fallen 
 The tree in Trafalgar Square looked smaller than previous years
(although this may be merely a sign that The Brainy One and I are getting older
and therefore everything was bigger back then …) 
 Again, it looks much better against a brighter sky or after dark.
But still, we enjoyed a few hours feeling Christmassy,
and that’s what I was hoping for. 

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