December Daily | Manifesto and Days 1-2

Starting as always with the Manifesto.
Short and straight to the point.
 The 1st is about my day in town with a friend and the return of Elvis the Elf.
 I added an insert to accommodate more photos
{which Blogger won’t display properly}.
The 2nd was all about the tree.
More baubles, an extra set of lights and a new tree skirt.

I journalled over the 3×4 card and added a flare to the number 2.

The envelope holds a few photos of the tree.

I’d already decorated the back of the envelope so left it at that.
December Daily; my favourite project of the year.

Note: my PC did eventually die last weekend.
 I am making do with using The Brainy One’s work PC, when it is free.
Blog reading and commenting is extremely limited, but I haven’t forgotten any of you.
I’m expecting a new piece of hardware any time soon
and hope/plan to be back up running as usual by early next week.

2 thoughts on “December Daily | Manifesto and Days 1-2

  1. Looking good!

    I'm in the ridiculous situation of having a new laptop sitting in the box. I can't face switching everything over at the minute, so I'm nursing this one along with short bursts of activity


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