Easy Christmas Decor #2

We have plans to see Santa at some point over the next few weeks.
I suspect that we may be coming to an end of those magical visits,
and with that in mind, I gathered up all the Santa visit photos
and turned them into a Christmas decoration.
I ordered a 4×4 picture frame from that well known online giant,
and I used the backing sheet that came with it as the size template.
 I printed the photos at 6×4 and then trimmed to fit. 
 The actual size worked at 10.2×10.2 cms.
 The photos were placed fairly randomly and I filled in the blanks
 with Christmas themed paper and embellishments.
I used re-positional glue so that I can add this year’s photo
(and next year’s, if I’m lucky).
Before putting the montage into the frame, I cleaned its glass.
And that was it; done in around 30 minutes
I copied this idea from Elise and you can see her original post here.

4 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Decor #2

  1. Ir's fantastic. if I thought I could get away with it, I'd still be visiting Santa myself: when I was little it was one of the few treats thought worth paying for and it was always magical.


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