{In the} Recovery {position}

There was nothing else for it.
The PC was dying, thanks to a corrupted Windows 10 update.
After a week of trying every which way, there was only one option left.
I clicked the recovery button.
And waited.
And waited some more.
And then … a spark of life.
Houston, we appear to have lift off.
There’s life in the old girl yet.
And in the PC.

7 thoughts on “{In the} Recovery {position}

  1. I am avoiding Windows 10 as I have heard so many poeple having problems with it….have just been catching up and Half Term sounds like a mixed bag…have a good weekend my friend xx


  2. I've heard mixed reports about Windows 10. We decided that we would update the laptop but keep the PC as it is (on the thought of if it ain't broke, don't fix it!) so the laptop is our experiment with the safe knowledge that all is not lost if it all goes horribly wrong! So far though, it has been ok. I'm still waiting a while before I do the other one though!
    Fingers crossed all is fixed with yours.


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