Bank of England Museum

As Windows 10 has granted me access (and who knows for how long …),
I’m making hay while the sun shines, as it were.
We’ve had my GodDaughter and her family staying with us for a couple of nights,
and yesterday we went en famille to the Bank of England.
I only discovered the BoE had a museum recently, and even though The Brainy One worked there 
a number of years ago, he never saw fit to mention it.

The Museum is free to enter (my kind of price) and worth a visit, 
but perhaps not during half-term.  It was incredibly crowded and turned out
to be not a good fit for The Boy Child.  There’s plenty of hands-on stuff
for kids and historical facts, figures and exhibits for those a little older.
You can also try lifting a solid gold bar … 

4 thoughts on “Bank of England Museum

  1. ooh! This looks interesting! I will put it on my list of things to do in London! Sorry that it was too busy for The Boy Child. Enjoy the rest of half term


  2. I think there might be a Bank of Scotland one in Edinburgh I've always meant to check out.

    Yeah..there'd be a lot of numbers to think about in a museum like that..


  3. That's an interesting sounding museum. We were amazed when we were over there that a lot of the museums and galleries are free – they certainly aren't here. 🙂 Sorry that it was a bit much for the boy – perhaps another less busy time.


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