Wit or Wisdom | 2015 | #3

This is not the post I’d scheduled for today. Windows 10 is slowing killing my PC (and the will to live), so this post has been written via iPad Mini … and the formatting is shot to pieces.
How come I’d never realised this before?

7 thoughts on “Wit or Wisdom | 2015 | #3

  1. Ha ha! I may have said something along those lines this morning. The phone rang at 6.45am and I picked it up with some trepidation, having a sick relative. The lady on the other end proceeded to tell me she was from “Microsoft” and I had a problem with my Windows computer. Really?


  2. Haha! Very good. My laptop is definitely dying. I'm about to have to turn it off again before it overheats. So if I disappear completely one of these days..you'll know why


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