Comfort Eating

It’s been a tough few days.
I’ve eaten Jelly Babies.
A whole bag of them.
In one sitting.
What’s your go to comfort food of choice? 

9 thoughts on “Comfort Eating

  1. Ruth I am sending you a big cyber hug, I feel bad for your tough days I cannot not even begin to image how difficult some of those days are for you. For me, stress causes me to turn to jube jubes and I can eat a lot of them.


  2. Mmm..where to start? Anything very sugary like dolly mixtures or jelly beans. Or Moams, or however you spell them. We think there must be something addictive in them. Then, also anything salty: peanuts or kettle chips, or actually any crisps at all.

    Be kind on yourself. A few jelly babies is probably a very good idea


  3. One jelly baby inevitably leads to another, and another and just one more and oh no the packet's empty!
    Sorry to hear it's a 'jelly baby day' hope tomorrow is better x


  4. Hi Ruth! I have popped over from Julies notes on paper blog. I too ate some jelly babies last night! Don't feel guilty about it as we all over indulge from time to time. 🙂


  5. Ouch, that sounds like a hard time, Ruth :(. Hoping it has eased a bit by now. Jelly babies sound soft and squidgy. My own current favourite are M and S's vegetarian Percy Pigs. I can actually eat a whole bag in one go :(.


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