Brothers and Beer

There was a period of around thirty minutes last evening 
when I realised that I didn’t like myself.
Homework had not gone well.
He was crying and saying he hated me.
I was screeching like the proverbial banshee. 
The evening was saved for the both of us by
the friend-who-is-like-my-brother.
Him, and the consumption of beer.
By me. 
A side note:  I was asked over the weekend what it was like coping with a child with autism.
I was particularly direct:
“It’s sh*t.” 

(The Brainy One is abroad on business.) 

2 thoughts on “Brothers and Beer

  1. Oh sweet girl! you are allowed not to be the perfect mother. You are allowed to have imperfections. You are so strong and you need to screech like a banshee sometimes.We all do it. We all avoid admitting it. Autism is a b*stard B*tch but deep down he knows you love him even if he really doesn't know what that is.Keep doing what you are doing and don't beat yourself up – and as for homework well, If he doesn't do it the world won't come to an end and you can write a note explaining that you are not prepared to alienate your son while doing their job.


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