Holiday Journal

I’ve been giving some thought to how our album 
of this year’s Summer travels might look.
And mostly that’s all I’ve been doing.
Apart from the title page. 
 I have, however, finished the travel journal.
 The bulk of it was done while we were away.
When you’re staying with family and friends, it’s fairly easy 
to write up your day after dinner.
 It’s not like sitting squashed up on the end of the hotel bed
while you attempt to put coherent thoughts onto paper.  
 As is usual for me, I include tickets, flyers and anything
that can generally be squashed into 
the journal without causing too much damage. 
 This time, if there was a lot of text, 
I used red ink randomly across the page.
The fact that the journal now doesn’t lie flat
 tells me that I did a good job.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Journal

  1. I love your travel journal, it is so different to the way I do it. My goto size for the travel stuff is 12×12. I have tried to do it in a journal type book but usually end up ripping out the pages and sticking them into an album. So this has evolved into scanning the written pages and then either cutting them up and sticking them onto the album pages as journalling or simply taking a phrase or sentence for the page with pictures and stuffing the scanned stuff into the back of the album.
    This simply proves that we should all do what works for us doesn't it?


  2. What a splendid job you've done on that journal, Ruth … Your handwriting is wonderfully neat. Bulging with memories and photos and bits and bobs, it's just what a good travel journal should look like.


  3. How FUN that you've got your journal finished – it looks great. Reminds me I need to start scrapping our road trip earlier this year & put our Kemah Boardwalk tickets on a page.


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