Photographing the Differences

I like to capture the differences when travelling.
You know, the things that you just 
wouldn’t see “at home”.
 I’m guessing that Park Peace Officers must 
be like park rangers. 
Some aspects of the right to bear arms leaves me baffled. 
 Mail boxes? 
 How come they’re not like the ones we grew up seeing in films?
 Historical markers?  Yes, the UK has those.
Funny ones? Not so much.
My new monthly read.  Not.

My particular favourite.

What catches your eye when travelling?

5 thoughts on “Photographing the Differences

  1. These are fab spots Ruth. I like to take photos of signs in the US too. We found some fab ones at a state fair one year. All very sincere but quite funny to us brits!


  2. I had to laugh because all of these look quite normal to me – it is Texas after all! LOL However, we have actual mailboxes in front of each house where we live – bricked in to match the house, of course. 🙂

    And we have a funny sign on our front porch – I need to blog about that one someday!


  3. Well some of your finds are even new to me – Texas is a great big state! I rather like the looks of the mailboxes you shot. Our new house has these and we are really excited. You know first hand how unsecure our current mailbox is, so we are really looking forward to having a mailbox with a lock again.


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