Katy Old Town

Old in America is probably not that old
 to the British and Europeans. 
The Americans beg to differ.
Around five miles away from Sib‘s house
is the Katy Heritage Museum.
 A collection of original houses and stores
 have been gathered together in one place.
 We chose the wrong weekend to visit.
They’re open to the public every first weekend.
 The railway used to be big in Katy. 
 The track is still there, but there are no longer
any passenger trains.
 It’s easy to see how Katy got its name.
 Old Katy feels more like how many of us 
would imagine America to be.
I could see myself living there.

5 thoughts on “Katy Old Town

  1. Looks like 'old' America in the films! A fascinating place, you are certainly getting to see some interesting places. It's going to be hard to get on that plane to come home I think!


  2. there is a song about the Katy – K T – it is one of the tracks used in The Blues Brothers. As this happens to be my all time favourite film (knowing the dialogue for the whole film is not nerdy is it?) I could tell you which scenes it was used as mood music for…………….. but I won't


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