Ironing | A Cure All

On the days where nothing I do for him is good enough,
 I retreat into the ironing.
 An added bonus is when I can round the day off 
with The Brainy One’s home made pizza.
 And a friend tuning up with a chilled bottle of rosé.
How was your Saturday?

4 thoughts on “Ironing | A Cure All

  1. Glad that you managed to find some enjoyment in your Saturday. We had a lovely Saturday. It was the end of our holiday but we were able to spend 4 hours in Carcassonne before having to return the hire car and get the plane back. Also, two weeks and only one meltdown from Penny – and she managed to get herself back within 30 minutes which is fantastic. At the time it was awful for her and us . As you know you feel so helpless and there is nothing you can really do except ignore the stares. However, from when she was younger and had them this was so much better for her. I hope that things improve in time for you and the Boy Child.


  2. Our melt down moment yesterday came during the dog walk. That was hard work! Our Saturday improved with home made pizza too though, but our ironing pile is still mammoth! Hope Sunday is a good day for you all.


  3. If ironing is the thing that made you feel better, then things must have been awful. I'm so sorry you seem to be going through a continuing bad time. I wonder if it is the end of term/beginning of the holidays changes to routines and structures of the day that are impacting – whereas we all welcome that change to relaxation of rules and routines, it must be very hard for an autistic child to cope with when they find comfort in structure.
    That pizza looks delicious – and I'm sure the rose helped a little too!


  4. I agree with Debs14 it's the relief from the stress of bl**dy homework and the change of routine. He'll get used to it probably before you have torn out all your hair and ironed everything in sight


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