Scrapbooking National Events

 we took The Boy Child with us.
The Boy Child was very interested in the proceedings.
The Returning Officer was very interested in knowing that
I hadn’t allowed a minor to mark my ballot paper. 
I hadn’t.
I don’t often include national or international news stories in our scrapbooks.
  There’s nothing about the London Olympics in our 2012 album 
{although there is half-finished Olympic album, a UFO, from that time}.
The birth of Prince George made it into the Florida album,
due to the saturation coverage of the event on American TV channels. 
The birth of Princess Charlotte does not feature in this year’s album.
Do you include non-family related stories in your albums?

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking National Events

  1. I like this page. Nice blend of papers and I especially like the Union Jack strip across the bottom – gives me an idea of what to do with a strip of Canada Day flags I received. I do include non family related info in my day to day album. I am trying to keep track of what things impact our day to day life, such as prices of food, housing, TV programs and I have also made a page about voting. My December Daily albums has a photo of the Queen each year from her speech on Christmas Day – it is a way I honour my Mother who absolutely loved the Royals and Christmas.


  2. Like the layout. I can't think of any events I have included in my albums, but it has made me think that perhaps it is something that I should occasionally do.


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