Ever wondered how it is that a project 
you’ve loved working on never
gets finished? 
Welcome to the world of UFOs.*
I’d planned on starting this for The Boy Child all the way back 
I finally began in October 2014 and made a good 
inroad into completing it.
But somehow life got in the way and I ground to a halt.
Last evening, as I moved the half-finished album yet again, I made a decision.
Get the damn thing finished, woman.
And added eleven entries there and then.
Less than twenty to go for a completed project.
What’s your oldest UFO? 
* unfinished objects.

3 thoughts on “UFOs

  1. Wey-hey! You're definitely on the home straight, Ruth – smiled at your 'kuta' to yourself. If it's any consolation, I still have a cardigan on the needles that I started for my son before he was born. He'll be 35 this year.


  2. I have a cross stitch I started in 1993 and one in 1997. Both are nearly complete but I just never get around to doing it. I am happy to say I finished all my Shimelle UFOs before leaving for Texas. :0)


  3. I'm laughing at Alexa! That's a good one. I did an alphabet cross stitch blanket for my boy and finished “Z” in the hospital, but I never got round to putting his name in the middle.


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