Performance Related

I was listening to a piece on Radio 2 earlier today
 about being on stage and performing.
The main thrust of the argument was that
anyone can perform (stage fright and nerves notwithstanding).
Do you think that’s the case?
~ Karaoke, Boston, USA, 1993 ~
If you’ve ever seen the early rounds of Britain’s Got Talent
and The X Factor, you might be disagreeing with that statement.
~ A one-off performance ~
But do we tend to confuse the ability to perform with talent?
As a child, I could sing.  I was in the Choir.
We romped through Jesus Christ, Superstar and A Pride of Lions.
We sang in schools’ competitions.
I still sing now.
Just for me.
Around the house.
When I’m out with the dog.
Only over the years, I seem to have lost the knack.
I know that I don’t sing as well as I did when I was at school.
Doesn’t mean to say that I couldn’t perform if I had to.
Can anyone perform?
If the performer loves to be on stage, does it really matter
if they’re not particularly top notch?
Is talent merely an added extra?

3 thoughts on “Performance Related

  1. Love the photographs! (and the outfits..we were talking about a 90's look here yesterday).

    I think everyone can get something out of performing. Not that you could even persuade me to do karaoke..but TNSSO comes home on a real high every time she plays or dances on stage


  2. Fab photos! I can only go on stage when I am part of a group! But the problem with being small is you always get pushed to the front!
    Every year at our school we end the term with staff entertainment and there's talk of all the secretaries doing a dance to Taylor Swift …


  3. I believe that performing is the same as drawing. Everyone can draw but not everyone can draw like Leonardo da Vinci. The same with performing. Everyone can perform but not everyone can do it as well as those with real talent. I will perform at the drop of a hat – or even before that headgear is removed. I can't sing and if dancing involves hands and feet then forget it but I will be up there with everyone else trying my best and enjoying every minute.
    If you expect me to compete by performing then just forget that too. I hate to lose so I would just be sulking on the outside while agreeing with you on the inside.
    FWIW Live roleplaying is the best way of performing without having to learn a script and that's why at 68 I still love it


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