Dining Out

For the two nights we spent in an hotel this week, 
breakfast and dinner were part of our package.
Pancakes with maple syrup and
 berry compote were a rare treat.
 Dinner both evenings was delicious.
 Pork medallions with sweet potato purée,
apple tarragon and a cider cream. 
 Chicken breast with creamed cabbage and bacon, root vegetable purée,
garlic and herb roasted potatoes and roasting juices. 
The vanilla crème brulée was heavenly and a pudding too far.
Instead of eating in the restaurant in the evenings, I’d asked that we be
 accommodated in the bar area. I felt that it worked well, because although
 it was a less formal setting for The Boy Child, he reacted positively and 
maturely to the presence of other adults sitting quietly.   
The children’s menu was well thought out and offered a good choice of mains;
I was delighted to have a mini-break that didn’t involve a visit to the 
Golden Arches or a pizza place.
Hotel dining when travelling with under 12s?
Yes or no?

6 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. I would go for it every time simply so they can have the experience and learn how to behave when eating in public.

    I get so tired of children running wild in restaurants simply because they are never expected to sit at a table and eat properly when they are at home. We have always sat at the table to eat meals – eating in front of the TV or sitting on the sofa is a special treat or something that happens when you are recovering from major illness.

    sitting and eating like an adult should have praises heaped upon them


  2. It's a definitely yes from me! We've stayed in hotels a few times and found that our youngest dd (with asd) copes best with the structure of formal or semi formal dining. It's calm, efficient and she knows exactly what is going to happen and when. We've found hotels very helpful with food options (even those not on the children's menu) and, as you say, it's lovely not to be surviving on fast food!


  3. I personally think it's essential for children to learn how to sit at a table and eat properly. It's interesting to see how they can behave and sit nicely when every one else is too! I'm so pleased you were able to enjoy two lovely meals with your handsome young man.


  4. It looks delicious.

    I agree that learning how to order and behave at the table is very important. I can remember my first night at university the Halls catering wasn't open and someone suggested going out to eat..and I panicked because I didn't even know how to ask for what I wanted.

    I bet he charmed everyone!


  5. Mouthwateringly described and delicious looking photos, Ruth. And, like everyone else who has commented, I am in favour of helping our young ones to grow up to feel at ease in many different environments and contexts, and to behave respectfully within them. You have given him a memorable opportunity and he rose to the occasion :).


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