Pairings | The Pooch

With dog ownership …
… comes responsibility.
Because there ain’t no dog poo fairy.
I’m joining in with Helena this week and looking for pairings, obvious or otherwise.

10 thoughts on “Pairings | The Pooch

  1. No fairy indeed. The locals here seem to think she exists as they don't mind leaving it on my grass!!
    On a different note I like your shoes!! xxx


  2. I agree. Why do some people put it in a bag and then hang it from a tree? When I take my mother in law out we pass a field on the edge of the village which is a favourite with dog walkers. Without fail she says “glad that field isn't ours. The hay must be full of poo” . She has a point it's just I've heard it a lot! Nice dog by the way!


  3. what a handsome dog. A poo fairy would be most welcome where I walk along the river – a small proportion of dog walkers clearly still believe in one


  4. We used to have quite a problem with that, but people seem to be much more considerate around here, and we rarely see much that the Poop Fairy would have to deal with.


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