An Open Letter to Katie Hopkins

Dear Ms. Hopkins,
I’ll be frank; you seem to like frankness.  I had no idea who you were until the National Autistic Society brought you to my attention over your unbelievable tweets last evening in regard to Channel 4’s program Born Naughty?.

As the mother of an 8-year-old boy with High Functioning Autism, I take issue with your remarks.  Autism is not a life-style choice, it is an established neurological condition.  It is not a result of bad behaviour from the child or a result of poor parenting.  There’s a difference between a tantrum – which is a power play from a child – and a meltdown, which is a loud, uncontrollable emotional outburst resulting from neurological overload.
I understand that NAS has invited you to engage with them.  I hope you do.  Failing that, please meet with me and my son for a television camera-free, first-hand experience of what living with Autism is like.
Oh, and the whole tweeting thing?  You might like to remember what David Cameron had to say on the subject a few years ago. 
Yours sincerely,

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Katie Hopkins

  1. Good Lord who is that woman and how is she allowed to get away with something like that? I wonder if she'll take you up on your offer? Xxx


  2. This is typical commenting by that ignorant woman.
    One of advantages if Labour had won the election was that she promised to emigrate…though god knows what country would have let her in!!!


  3. She really is the most dreadful woman isn't she? She really needs to put her brain into gear before she puts her mouth into action.
    I wish she would take you up on your offer so you could put her straight.


  4. She won't take you up on the offer she is a rudeword/animal and is too busy hearing the sound of her own voice to take any heed of anyone else. She thinks the sun shines out of her bottom and that's impossible because her own head is too far up it.
    She is the latest in a long line of ignoran,t self-important people who think, that because they cause a stir every time they say something, they actually have something worth saying. She doesn't.
    personally I hope all her chickens die


  5. Between admiring your cool crispness and falling about laughing at Ladykis's comment, it's been a very illuminating five minutes! I didn't get to see the programme, though I heard a bit about it on the radio.


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