Pen to Paper

When my sister moved to Texas last summer,
I thought I’d have no problem in writing to her on a regular basis.
Letters plus email, Facebook and Facetime and we’d be set.
By Christmas, I was apologising for my lack of penmanship and promising to do better.
 And I have.  But there’s still for improvement.
I’ve developed a habit of picking out a card from my stash and putting it to one side.
Then, a few days to a week later, I’ll maybe add the address,
 some “air mail” themed washi tape
and put it to one side.
What? Why?
So this morning, I picked up that card, shoved it in my bag and made a plan.
As soon as I’d dropped off The Boy Child at school,
I went to the Post Office for the correct postage,
then to the coffee shop and wrote the thing there and then.
It’s still in my bag, albeit written in and sealed up.
Why?  Because I couldn’t remember the house number for the address.
Doh! I’ll post it on the way to pick up The Boy Child.
How and where do you write your letters?
Do you still write letters?

6 thoughts on “Pen to Paper

  1. I'll look forward to receiving it. Your other card arrive a few days ago thank you. Love the photos. I hope my letter arrived this week. Hoping to get another one in the post this week. I just need to buy stamps xxx


  2. For me, it's the queue at the post office to have foreign letters weighted! I will put it off for days. UK mail I'm better at, and I do love receiving unexpected happy mail (thank you!)


  3. Our local Post Offices have been steadily closing, one after the other, and having to get in the car now and find a parking space is what puts me off sending parcels. I still do like to write a letter if I have a stamp to hand. But it's not like the days when my brother and I wrote to each other every week. Now it's emails, which aren't really the same


  4. Only have one letter to answer before my big adventure. Some overseas mail arrived yesterday which was a treat but I will answer them when I can write about the trip.To quote John Donne 'Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls.'


  5. I still write to my English tutor from college.
    Long story but Mr M and I became friends with him and visited once or twice a year after he took early retirement. I began writing simply to keep my hand in and I enjoy receiving letters. So I write about twice a month. I also write to my grandsons in North Wales as a way of encouraging them to practise writing – they are age 6 and 5.


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