I Am What I Eat

Following the mysterious shrinkage of my LBDs recently,
I decided to take stock of my wardrobe.
Which, as we know, is not a job for the faint hearted.
We have: 3x dresses, 8 pairs of trousers (including 2 pairs of cropped summer ones),
1 evening top, 3 casual tops, 1 fleece, 1 pair of jogging bottoms and 2 jumpers
that are too small/tight.
This list tells me three things:
1) I have too many clothes.
2) Eating crisps, biscuits and chocolate is not good.
3) The local charity shops will reap the benefits.

6 thoughts on “I Am What I Eat

  1. This is how I found myself this time last year – just before I joined Slimming World!
    I think you should use it as a brilliant excuse for a little retail therapy 😉


  2. You did say that one LBD was about 15 years old so don't despair – not many of us are the same size/shape we were 15 years ago. Maybe I only speak for myself!!


  3. At first I thought LBD stood for Lower Body Dimensions and then wondered why you didn't seem so pleased – clicking on your link explained a lot! I have just eaten about seven Percy Pigs :(.


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