Up the Arsenal

The Boy Child has decided to spread the love when it comes to which football team he supports.  Liverpool remains in pole position, but he has added several London clubs to his favourites list.

I suspect he has done this so that he can persuade us to take him on more stadium tours.
It appears to be working.
Yesterday was the final day of an overly long Easter holiday 
and the final adventure was to the Emirates.
 I miss the days when football grounds were named after the area they were in,
and not after a huge global conglomerate
 The Boy Child appeared to like the self-guide set-up.

 He got to keep the branded ear pieces.
I sensibly stayed home.
The Brainy One is now the proud owner of an iPhone,
 which means he is more amenable to taking photos. 
He even WhatsApps them as he goes. 
I’ll take what I can get, in whatever form he chooses.

4 thoughts on “Up the Arsenal

  1. Ruth! How could you? Arsenal? Oh no! This is a Tottenham supporting household so going to the Emirates would be a big no no! Maybe it's just because they are both red that he likes them!
    Dear TBC, tell mummy and daddy you want to see White Hart Lane 😉


  2. Brilliant that Dad is now part of the memory-making team. I am not a football-supporting person, but I guess if the Boy Child likes going out to stadia with his Dad, that leaves more scrapping time for you?


  3. That's a trip he is going to remember for a long time! A dad with an iphone? Oh, the possibilities!

    Don't start me on name changes..our rugby ground here has just been changed..


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