Five on Friday | The Bathroom Edition

A few thoughts now that we are nearing the end of our bathroom remodel.
We’ve endured orders that have never arrived and tradesmen who have disappeared.
The end, however, is in sight. 
2) Ensure that orders have been received and are on site before work starts. 
 This will save hours spent on the ‘phone chasing up suppliers.
3) If at all possible, ensure that backup tradesmen are just a ‘phone call away. 
 This will save a few weeks where nothing happens because 
your tradesmen have over-committed themselves.
4) Ensure that the tradesmen are happy.  
Make cups of tea and laugh at their jokes. 
This may well save “extras” appearing on the bill.
5) Always keep records of how much has been spent and ask for receipts.
  A paper trail will be crucial in the event of any dispute over money.  

Any tips you’d like to share on the topic of tradesmen and home improvements?  

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday | The Bathroom Edition

  1. I had to smile, Ruth – our own major renovations are now four years behind us but still are a topic of conversation! I can absolutely underscore your number 1 and 4. I guess the other thing we learnt is that – as you will see on every programme of Grand Designs – the windows are always, always late and hold the whole thing up :). Your bathroom is looking quite splendid.


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